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Adds a new signature.


    Function AddSignature(ByVal DigestAlgorithm As TSBAuthenticodeDigestAlgorithm, ByVal SigningCertificate As TElX509Certificate, ByVal StatementType As TSBAuthenticodeStatementType, ByVal Description As String, ByVal URL As String, ByVal IncludeSigningTime As Boolean) As TElAuthenticodeSignature

    TElAuthenticodeSignature AddSignature(integer $DigestAlgorithm, TElX509Certificate $SigningCertificate, integer $StatementType, string $Description, string $URL, bool $IncludeSigningTime)


  • DigestAlgorithm - specifies the digest algorithm.
  • SigningCertificate - use this parameter to pass the pre-loaded signing certificate.
  • StatementType - statement type: individual or commercial.
  • Description - textual description of the signature (optional).
  • URL - use this parameter to add a URL (optional).
  • IncludeSigningTime - specifies whether to include signing time (in UTC) into the signature.

TSBAuthenticodeDigestAlgorithm values

TSBAuthenticodeStatementType values

Return value

    Returns a reference to the newly created signature object.


    Use this method to add signatures and timestamps. Do not forget to call Save method when you have added all necessary signatures.

See also:     MoveSignature     Save     Signatures     Add timestamp to the Authenticode signature    

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