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Saves receipt to file or stream.


    void Save(System.IO.Stream Stream);
    void Save(System.IO.Stream HeadersStream, System.IO.Stream BodyStream);
    void Save(string FileName);

    Sub Save(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream)
    Sub Save(ByVal HeadersStream As System.IO.Stream, ByVal BodyStream As System.IO.Stream)
    Sub Save(ByVal FileName As String)

    procedure Save(Stream : TStream);
    procedure Save(FileName : string);

    void Save(TStream &Stream);
    void Save(TStream *Stream);
    void Save(TStream &HeadersStream, TStream &BodyStream);
    void Save(TStream *HeadersStream, TStream *BodyStream);
    void Save(const std::string &FileName);

    void Save(TStream $Stream)
    void Save(TStream $HeadersStream, TStream $BodyStream)
    void Save(string $FileName)

    void save(String FileName);
    void save(TElStream HeadersStream, TElStream BodyStream);
    void save(TElStream Stream);


  • Stream - stream containing the receipt
  • FileName - name of the file containing the receipt
  • HeadersStream - ...
  • BodyStream - ...


    Use this method to save receipt file file or stream.

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