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Adds an error to the list.


    int Add(int ACode, string ASummary, string ADescription, TSBASDispositionModifier AModifier, bool Adjust);

    Function Add(ByVal ACode As Integer, ByVal ASummary As String, ByVal ADescription As String, ByVal AModifier As TSBASDispositionModifier, ByVal Adjust As Boolean) As Integer

    function Add(ACode : integer; const ASummary, ADescription : string; AModifier : TSBASDispositionModifier; Adjust : boolean = True): integer;

    int32_t Add(int32_t ACode, const std::string &ASummary, const std::string &ADescription, TSBASDispositionModifier AModifier, bool Adjust);

    integer Add(integer $ACode, string $ASummary, string $ADescription, integer $AModifier, bool $Adjust)

    int add(int ACode, String ASummary, String ADescription, TSBASDispositionModifier AModifier, boolean Adjust);


  • ACode - message error code
  • ASummary - error summary
  • ADescription - error descriptiom
  • AModifier - error disposition modifier
  • Adjust - specifies whether to adjust disposition modifier and status of the message according to disposition modifier of the newly added error

Error codes:

SBASDispositionModifier values:

Return value

    Returns index of the newly added item in the list.


    Use this method to add an error to the list.

See also:     Clear     Delete     Items     Modifier     Status    

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