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Decodes message from file or stream.


    bool Load(string FileName, string DataFile);
    bool Load(System.IO.Stream Source, System.IO.Stream Data);

    Function Load(ByVal FileName As String, ByVal DataFile As String) As Boolean
    Function Load(ByVal Source As System.IO.Stream, ByVal Data As System.IO.Stream) As Boolean

    function Load(Source : TStream; Data : TStream): boolean;
    function Load(const FileName, DataFile : string): boolean;

    bool Load(const std::string &FileName, const std::string &DataFile);
    bool Load(TStream &Source, TStream &Data);
    bool Load(TStream *Source, TStream *Data);

    bool Load(string $FileName, string $DataFile)
    bool Load(TStream $Source, TStream $Data)

    boolean load(TElStream Source, TElStream Data);
    boolean load(String FileName, String DataFile);


  • Source - input stream with encrypted data
  • Data - output stream where the clear data should be put
  • FileName - name of the input file with encrypted data
  • DataFile - name of the output file where the clear data should be stored

Return value

    Returns True if message was successfully loaded and False otherwise.


    Use this method to decode and extract clear data from message stored in file or stream.

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