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This event is fired when message parsing error occurs.


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    property OnError : TSBASReceiptErrorEvent;
    TSBASReceiptErrorEvent = procedure(Sender: Object; Code : integer; Description : string; Critical : boolean; var Modifier : TSBASDispositionModifier; var ReportTag : string; var Ignore : boolean) of object;

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  • Code - the error code, see values below
  • Description - human readable error description
  • Critical - specifies whether the error is critical. For critical error an exception will be raised right after returning from the event handler.
  • Modifier - specifies which modifier for the error should be put into receipt.
  • ReportTag - machine readable text to be placed into receipt for automatic error processing.
  • Ignore - specifies whether the component must ignore the non-critical errors. This parameter is ignored if Critical is True.

Error codes:

TSBASDispositionModifier values:


    This event is fired by TElASMessage when the error occurs during message parsing.

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