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This event is fired when message parsing error occurs.


    event TSBASReceiptErrorEvent OnError;
    delegate void TSBASReceiptErrorEvent(object Sender, int Code, string Description, bool Critical, ref TSBASDispositionModifier Modifier, ref string ReportTag, ref bool Ignore);

    Event OnError As TSBASReceiptErrorEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBASReceiptErrorEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Code As Integer, ByVal Description As String, ByVal Critical As Boolean, ByRef Modifier As TSBASDispositionModifier, ByRef ReportTag As String, ByRef Ignore As Boolean)

    property OnError : TSBASReceiptErrorEvent;
    TSBASReceiptErrorEvent = procedure(Sender: Object; Code : integer; Description : string; Critical : boolean; var Modifier : TSBASDispositionModifier; var ReportTag : string; var Ignore : boolean) of object;

    not available

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  • Code - the error code, see values below
  • Description - human readable error description
  • Critical - specifies whether the error is critical. For critical error an exception will be raised right after returning from the event handler.
  • Modifier - specifies which modifier for the error should be put into receipt.
  • ReportTag - machine readable text to be placed into receipt for automatic error processing.
  • Ignore - specifies whether the component must ignore the non-critical errors. This parameter is ignored if Critical is True.

Error codes:

TSBASDispositionModifier values:


    This event is fired by TElASMessage when the error occurs during message parsing.

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