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This event is fired when message has been decrypted.


    event TSBASMessageDecryptEvent OnDecrypt;
    delegate void TSBASMessageDecryptEvent(object Sender, TElASMessageDecryptor Decryptor);

    Event OnDecrypt As TSBASMessageDecryptEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBASMessageDecryptEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Decryptor As TElASMessageDecryptor)

    property OnDecrypt : TSBASMessageDecryptEvent;
    TSBASMessageDecryptEvent = procedure(Sender: Object; Decryptor : TElASMessageDecryptor) of object;

    not available

    not available


  • Decryptor - the component used for decryption


    This event is fired by TElASMessage when the message has been decrypted.

See also:     OnDecryptIDs     OnDecrypting    

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