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Returns the manifests of the container.


    TElASiCManifest Manifests[int Index];

    Property Manifests(ByVal Index As Integer) As TElASiCManifest

    property Manifests[Index : integer] : TElASiCManifest;

    not available

    TElASiCManifest get_Manifests(integer $Index)

    TElASiCManifest getManifests(int Index);


  • Index - the index of the desired manifest in the list. The indexing starts from 0.


A manifest contains additional metadata about the container. The manifests placed in the META-INF folder point to other documents, and, in particular, help to distinguish between the documents signed by different signatures. Signing of manifest file adds protection to the documents.

See also:     AddManifest     DeleteManifest     ManifestCount    

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