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Returns the container's signatures.


    TElASiCSignature ASiCSignatures[int Index];

    Property ASiCSignatures(ByVal Index As Integer) As TElASiCSignature

    property ASiCSignatures[Index : integer] : TElASiCSignature;

    not available

    TElASiCSignature get_ASiCSignatures(integer $Index)

    TElASiCSignature getASiCSignatures(int Index);


  • Index - the index of the desired signature in the list. The indexing starts with 0.


Use this property to access all signatures in the container: CAdES, XAdES and timestamps. This property is introduced for convenience and can be used when, for instance, all signatures in the container need to be enumerated.

See also:     ASiCSignatureCount     CAdESSignatures     XAdESSignatures     Timestamps     DeleteSignature    

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