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Returns the server certificate validity information.


    void InternalValidate(ref TSBCertificateValidity Validity, ref TSBCertificateValidityReason Reason);

    Sub InternalValidate(ByRef Validity As TSBCertificateValidity, ByRef Reason As TSBCertificateValidityReason)

    procedure InternalValidate(var Validity : TSBCertificateValidity; var Reason : TSBCertificateValidityReason);

    void InternalValidate(TSBCertificateValidity &Validity, TSBCertificateValidityReason &Reason);

    void InternalValidate(integer &$Validity, integer &$Reason)

    void internalValidate(TSBCertificateValidity[] Validity, int[] Reason);


  • Validity - The common validity state of certificate
  • Reason - Details of certificate's validity state



    This method is used to validate SSL server's certificate using certificate storage specified by CertStorage property. Use this method after the OnCertificateValidate event was fired (it's a good idea is to call this method in this event handler).
    If CertStorage property is not set, the Validity parameter returns SB_CERTIFICATE_VALIDITY_STORAGE_ERROR.

See also:     OnCertificateValidate     CertStorage    

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