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Sends command to the server.


    short SendCmd(string Command, short[] AcceptCodes);

    Function SendCmd(ByVal Command As String, ByVal AcceptCodes As Short()) As Short

    function SendCmd(const Command: string; AcceptCodes: array of SmallInt): SmallInt;

    int16_t SendCmd(const std::string &Command, const std::vector<int16_t> &AcceptCodes);

    integer SendCmd(string $Command, array of int16|NULL $AcceptCodes)

    short sendCmd(String Command, short[] AcceptCodes);


  • Command - one of FTP protocol commands or extension command
  • AcceptCodes - server returning codes which are waited on successful command execution.

Return value

    Command execution result in case of success (if the result is included to AcceptCodes list), otherwise the EElFTPSError is raised.


    Use this method to send command to the server.

See also:     Send    

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