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Returns current directory listing.


    void GetNameList();
    void GetNameList(string Parameters);

    Sub GetNameList()
    Sub GetNameList(ByVal Parameters As String)

    procedure GetNameList;
    procedure GetNameList(const Parameters : string);

    void GetNameList();
    void GetNameList(const std::string &Parameters);

    void GetNameList()
    void GetNameList(string $Parameters)

    void getNameList();
    void getNameList(String Parameters);


  • Parameters - contains a name of remote directory or file to get the listing for.


    Use this method to get current directory listing. The server will return a stream of names of files and no other information. This method is intended to return information that can be used by a program to further process the files automatically. For example, in the implementation of a "multiple get" function.
During execution of the method the OnTextDataLine event is fired for each line of received reply.

See also:     GetFileList     OnTextDataLine    

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