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This event is fired when the file is downloaded in text mode.


    event TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEvent OnTextDataLineAsString;
    delegate void TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEvent(Object Sender, string TextLine);

    Event OnTextDataLineAsString As TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal TextLine As String)

    not implemented;

    not available

    not available

    TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEvent getOnTextDataLineAsString();
    void setOnTextDataLineAsString(TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEvent Value);
    TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEvent.Callback OnTextDataLineAsString = new TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEvent.Callback() {
        public void TSBFTPSTextDataAsStringEventCallback(TObject arg0, String arg1) {


  • TextLine - next portion of data from the server


    This event is fired by TElAS3Client consequently (thus returning the file data string by string), until the whole file is received. This event is similar to OnTextDataLine, except that TextLine is converted from byte array using the value of RemoteCodePage property.

See also:     FTP     OnTextDataLine    

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