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Specifies the SSL extensions received from the server.


    TElCustomSSLExtensions ServerExtensions;

    Property ServerExtensions As TElCustomSSLExtensions

    property ServerExtensions : TElCustomSSLExtensions;

    TElCustomSSLExtensions* get_ServerExtensions();
    void set_ServerExtensions(TElCustomSSLExtensions &Value);
    void set_ServerExtensions(TElCustomSSLExtensions *Value);

    TElCustomSSLExtensions get_ServerExtensions()
    void set_ServerExtensions(TElCustomSSLExtensions $Value)

    TElCustomSSLExtensions getServerExtensions();
    void setServerExtensions(TElCustomSSLExtensions Value);


    This property defines the server-side SSL extensions, i.e. the ones received from the server. Use of extensions is optional since most servers don't support them anyway.

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