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This event is fired when a key is needed to verify the signature.


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    property OnDNSKeyNeeded : TSBDNSKeyNeededEvent;
    TSBDNSKeyNeededEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; const Owner : string; KeyTag : word; Algorithm : byte; var Key : TElDNSPublicKeyRecord; var ReleaseKey : boolean) of object;

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  • Owner - specifies key owner
  • KeyTag - specifies key tag
  • Algorithm - contains signature algorithm
  • Key - value of the key should be provided via this parameter
  • ReleaseKey - set this parameter to True to release the key



    This event is fired by TElAS2Client when a key is required to verify a signature. Provide the corresponding key record via Key parameter.

See also:     OnDNSKeyValidate     OnDNSResolve     DNS    

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