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Creates a descendant of TElAlgorithmIdentifier, corresponding to certain algorithm.


    static TElAlgorithmIdentifier CreateByAlgorithm(int Algorithm);

    Shared Function CreateByAlgorithm(ByVal Algorithm As Integer) As TElAlgorithmIdentifier

    class function CreateByAlgorithm(Algorithm : integer) : TElAlgorithmIdentifier;

    static TElAlgorithmIdentifierHandle CreateByAlgorithm(int32_t Algorithm);

    TElAlgorithmIdentifier CreateByAlgorithm(integer $Algorithm)

    static TElAlgorithmIdentifier createByAlgorithm(TElAlgorithmIdentifier> this, int Algorithm);


  • Algorithm - specifies the desired algorithm
  • this -

Possible RSA algorithms:

Possible DSA algorithms:

Possible Diffie-Hellman algorithms:

ECDSA algorithms

GOST algorithms

Return value

    Returns a reference to the newly created descendant of TElAlgorithmIdentifier.


    Call this method to create an algorithm identifier container which is necessary to store data for certain algorithm. For example, if Algorithm equals to SB_CERT_ALGORITHM_ID_RSA_ENCRYPTION, a new instance of TElRSAAlgorithmIdentifier will be created.

See also:     CreateByAlgorithmOID     CreateFromBuffer     CreateFromTag    

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