Direct access to disks and protected files from user-mode applications in Windows

Release notes of RawDisk 3.0

The following changes will affect your existing code when you upgrade to RawDisk 3.0:

  • Kernel-mode driver is not signed using EldoS Corporation certificate anymore. You need to acquire your own code signing certificate that allows kernel-mode signing and sign the driver when deploying it with your application. If you don't sign the driver, it can be used on 32-bit Windows systems but not on 64-bit systems.
  • InstallDriver, UninstallDriver, GetDriverStatus and DeleteFile functions now return nothing and errors are reported via exceptions.
  • Support for C++ in Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio 2003 .NET has been dropped.
  • Delphi 4 support has been dropped.
  • C++Builder 4, 5, 6 support has been dropped.

Please check What's New in this version.

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