Control over registry operations in Windows and .NET applications

Release notes of CallbackRegistry 3.0

The following changes can affect your existing code when you upgrade to CallbackRegistry 3.0:

  • UninstallDriver method does not remove CallbackRegistry 2.x. You need to use cbreginst.dll, shipped with CallbackRegistry 2.x, to uninstall previous version, if you are upgrading your application from the version which used CallbackRegistry 2 to the version which uses CallbackRegistry 3.
  • CreateDisposition parameter of file creation/opening callbacks now contains values defined in Win32 (in opposite to NT native constants used in CallbackRegistry 2.x).
  • .NET assembly has been renamed to CbFlt3Net.dll to avoid conflicts with CallbackRegistry 2.x.
  • Many callbacks got new Status parameter (used when ProcessFailedRequests property is set to true and failed requests are reported).
  • OnRenameOrMoveFileEventC callback got additional ReplaceIfExists parameter
  • OnCreateFileEventC and OnOpenFileEventC callbacks got additional VirtualFile parameter
  • ProcessRequest parameter was removed from OnPostCanFileBeDeletedEventC, OnPostReadFileEventC and OnPostWriteFileEventC callbacks
  • DeleteFile parameter was removed from OnPostCanFileBeDeletedEventC callback
  • CreateFile and DeleteFile methods have been removed. CreateFile can be replaced with CreateNonCbFile, and for deletion of files you can now use DeleteFile() Windows API function.
Please also check What's New in this version.

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