Control over registry operations in Windows and .NET applications

What's new in CallbackRegistry 2.0

Version 2.0 includes several improvements, namely

  • Possibility to create multiple filters within the same or different applications. In version 1.0 the kernel-mode filter driver supported only one filter instance. In version 2.0 this limitation is removed - you can attach as many filters as you need
  • Possibility to set on-boot rules (see AddFilterDefaultRule() and related methods). These rules can be used to block access to files or directories at boot time, i.e. before the controller application is started
  • Set of methods to create, open, resize and delete files on the disk bypassing the callbacks
  • Post-event control of CanFileBeDeleted and RenamOrMove operations
  • Possibility to check file or directory creation disposition parameter in file create / open callbacks and notification callbacks.

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