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InstallIcon function (Installer DLL)

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Installs the icon into the system


    BOOL __stdcall InstallIconA( const char* ProductName, const char * IconPath, const char * IconId, BOOL * RebootNeeded
    BOOL __stdcall InstallIconW( const unsigned short * ProductName, const unsigned short * IconPath, const unsigned short * IconId, BOOL * RebootNeeded


  • ProductName - the ProductName string that identifies installation of the driver by your application
  • IconPath - Fully qualified (with path) name of the .ico file, which will be used as an icon.
  • IconId - Icon identifier, used for various operations with this icon.
  • RebootNeeded - On return indicates if the system needs to be restarted before the icon can be used.

Return values

TRUE / true if the function succeeded or FALSE / false if the function failed.


Use this function to install the icon (.ICO) file which will then be used in Explorer as a custom icon for the virtual disk. The icon is copied to the temporary file, which will be removed after deinstallation of the icon using UninstallIcon method.

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