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CallbackFileSystem.StorageCharacteristics property


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Specifies the characteristics of the storage being mounted.


    property StorageCharacteristics : TCbFsStorageCharacteristics;
    TCbFsStorageCharacteristic = (
    TCbFsStorageCharacteristics = set of TCbFsStorageCharacteristic;

[C++ (Lib)]
    CbFsStorageCharacteristics GetStorageCharacteristics();
    void SetStorageCharacteristics(CbFsStorageCharacteristics Value);

[C++ (VCL)]
    TCbFsStorageCharacteristics StorageCharacteristics;

[C++ (.NET)]
    CbFsStorageCharacteristics StorageCharacteristics;
    typedef long CbFsStorageCharacteristics;

    CbFsStorageCharacteristics StorageCharacteristics;
    typedef int CbFsStorageCharacteristics;

    Public Property StorageCharacteristics As CbFsStorageCharacteristics
    Type CbFsStorageCharacteristics As Integer

    int getStorageCharacteristics();
    void setStorageCharacteristics(int value);

Values of CbFsStorageCharacteristics

[Pascal] [C++ (VCL)] [C++ (Lib)] [C++ (.NET)] [C#] [VB.NET] [Java] Meaning
scFloppyDiskette CBFS_FLOPPY_DISKETTE = 1 The mounted media is a floppy disk.
scReadOnlyDevice CBFS_READ_ONLY_DEVICE = 2 The mounted media is read-only.
scWriteOnceMedia CBFS_WRITE_ONCE_MEDIA = 8 The mounted media can be written to only once.
scRemovableMedia CBFS_REMOVABLE_MEDIA = 16 The mounted media can be removed by the user at any time.
scAutoCreateDriveLetter CBFS_AUTO_CREATE_DRIVE_LETTER = 0x00002000 If set then the system automatically creates a drive letter for the storage. When this flag is used, you need to set volume GUID as well.
scShowInEjectionTray CBFS_SHOW_IN_EJECTION_TRAY = 0x00004000 The media can be ejected by the user by using Disconnect Device icon in system notification area (tray) of Explorer. Works only for PnP storages.
scAllowEjection CBFS_ALLOW_EJECTION = 0x00008000 If the flag is set, ejection commands are handled and the storage is destroyed. Works only for PnP storages.


StorageCharacteristics lets you specify the characteristics of the storage being mounted. Operating system uses various flags to optimize it's work with the storage.

For plug-n-play storages (StorageType is set to stDiskPnP) only scReadOnlyDevice and scRemovableMedia flags are supported.

In .NET and C++ API the property is a combination of zero or more flags joined together using bitwise OR operation.

Default value is "scRemovable" (i.e. by default removable storage is created).

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