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CallbackFileSystem.GetHandleInfo method


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Returns HandleInfo in callbacks / event handlers, where this parameter is not available.


    function GetHandleInfo() : TCbFsHandleInfo;

[C++ (Lib)]
    CbFsHandleInfo* GetHandleInfo();

[C++ (VCL)]
    TCbFsHandleInfo* __fastcall GetHandleInfo();

[C++ (.NET)]
    CbFsHandleInfo^ GetHandleInfo();

    CbFsHandleInfo GetHandleInfo();

    Function GetHandleInfo() As CbFsHandleInfo

    CbFsHandleInfo getHandleInfo();

Return values

The object via which methods that return information about the caller can be accessed, or null / NULL / nil / Nothing in some cases.


Use this method in callbacks / event handlers, where HandleInfo parameter is not present (currently OnSetAllocationSize, OnSetEndOfFile, OnSetValidDataLength, OnWriteFile, OnReadFile) to get the instance of CbFsHandleInfo class, related to the operation. Use the methods of this instance to find information about the caller thread and file handle.

Note, that in certain cases null / NULL / nil / Nothing can be returned, if the caller is the system process (eg. when the cache operations are performed) and there are no opened handles to the file left (for example, when the process has opened the file, mapped it to memory, closed the file handle, and uses the memory mapping afterwards).

Call from...

This method may be called only from inside of specified callback / event handlers.

Extended error logging

If an error happens, this method throws an exception and puts additional information to Windows system log as described here.

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