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Using the API

The sequence of calls in code when using CallbackFilter is

  1. Call SetRegistrationKey() method to set the license key and enable CallbackFilter. CallbackFilter doesn't work without the license key (either registered or evaluation). You can request the evaluation key via the request form.
  2. Install the driver InstallDriverEx() method if the driver has not been installed yet. You don't need to call InstallDriver() every time your application is started.
  3. Set one or more rules for the filter by calling AddFilterAccessRule() and AddFilterCallbackRule() methods. Additional rules can be added after the driver is attached.
  4. Call AttachFilter() to start using the driver and receiving notifications.
  5. When you finish work with the filter, detach it using DetachFilter().
  6. To remove the driver from the system, call UninstallDriver() method.

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