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CBDisk.MountingPoints property


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Provides access to the elements of the list of mounting points for the storage.


    property MountingPoints[Index : integer]: WideString;

[C++ (Lib)]
    bool GetMountingPoint(int Index, wchar_t *OutBuf, unsigned long OutBufLen, unsigned long *BytesReturned );

[C++ (VCL)]
    WideString MountingPoints[unsigned long Index];

[C++ (.NET)]
    String^ MountingPoints[long Index];

    String MountingPoints[int Index];

    Public Property MountingPoints(Index As Integer) As String


  • [C++ (Lib)] OutBuf - The buffer to place the mounting point name.
  • [C++ (Lib)] OutBufLen - The size of the passed buffer in bytes.
  • [C++ (Lib)] BytesReturned - The number of bytes written to the output buffer including the terminated NULL.
  • Index - the zero-based index of the mounting point in the list.

[C++ (Lib)]  Return values

True if the function succeeded or false if the buffer was too small.


MountingPoints lets you access the list of mounting points for the storage.
MountingPoints can be accessed only when the storage is opened.

See also

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