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Limitations of evaluation version

There are no separate 'evaluation' and 'full' BizCrypto distributions available. Instead, the product is provided in the form of a single, unified distribution, which works as either evaluation or full version, depending on the availability of the license key. When you purchase a license, we send you your own product license key, which you use to activate, or 'unlock', the components.

BizCrypto distribution also contains the evaluation license key, which you can use for some time (normally, 60 days) to evaluate the product and decide whether or not it fits your environment and is capable of solving your business tasks. To prevent illegal use of the evaluation key in production environments (which is not allowed by the product license), some lightweight restrictions are in place.

Note, that intentional operation delays that we used in earlier BizCrypto versions (7th and 9th) were removed from the evaluation version. The speed that you see is the real speed of the components.

For specific evaluation needs we offer time-limited 'real' license keys that work just as legal license keys (no counter limitations in place) but expire after certain amount of time. You can request your time-limited license key at http://www.eldos.com/bizcrypto/keyreq/.


Discuss this help topic in BizCrypto Forum