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What's new in BizCrypto 14

The new version of BizCrypto has been renovated with all basic elements of security, which were added and improved in the backend SecureBlackbox library since version 11. This includes both support of the latest versions of protocols and standards, and also provision of new cryptographic algorithms. All components, included in BizCrypto, have been updated.

Among other improvements there were counteraction measures added to prevent BEAST, POODLE and alike attacks on SSL / TLS protocols. Also the security shortcomings in certificate validation module, present in SecureBlackbox 11, have been removed.

Besides the update of SecureBlackbox BizCrypto components for file transfer (SFTP, FTPS) have been extended - now you can use expressions in place of simple file masks in group file operations.

Documentation is being updated and refreshed now.


Discuss this help topic in BizCrypto Forum