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BizCrypto for SSIS can be deployed to the production server by installing it from the installation package, which was used to install the "development" version. You need to skip installation of documentation when you install the package on production server. If you install BizCrypto from installation package, you don't need to deploy the assemblies (the step described below).

If you have specific requirements regarding how your product must be deployed, you can take all BizCrypto assemblies and install them with your product. You do installation by installing the assemblies to Global Assembly Cache on the destination computer. Such installation is usually performed by the installer tool.

The assemblies for deployment can be found in <BizCrypto>\Assemblies folder.

Additionally, if you plan to access certificates stored on hardware devices and accessible via PKCS#11, you will need to deploy BizCrypto_PKCS11Proxy.dll and place this DLL in \Windows\System32 folder on the destination computer.


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