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TransferKeepAliveInterval (FTPS Adapter)

Keep alive interval for the FTP transfer.

Display Name

Transfer Keep Alive Interval

Dynamic Name

int BizCrypto.BizTalk.Adapters.FTPS.TransferKeepAliveInterval

Data Type


Possible Values

0…300 000

Default Value



Specifies the keep-alive inactivity period in milliseconds for the FTP transfer mode. Sending keep-alive signals is needed to save the command channel from being interrupted by NATs and firewalls while transfering large chunks of data. Bigger values of this property mean larger intervals inbetween the consecutive keep-alive signals sent by the adapter.

By default, this value equals 0, which means that the keep-alive mode is switched off and no signals will be sent. To enable the mode, set this property to a non-zero value.

See also:     ConnectionAttempts    

Discuss this help topic in BizCrypto Forum