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SSOAffiliateApplication (AS2 Adapter)

Specifies the SSO affiliate application name.

Display Name

SSO Affiliate Application

Dynamic Name

string BizCrypto.BizTalk.Adapters.AS2.SSOAffiliateApplication

Data Type


Default Value



Use this property to specify the name of the SSO (Single Sign On) affiliate application. This parameter cannot be NULL, an empty string, or contain spaces. Application names are case-insensitive, but case will be preserved. "ABC", "abc" and "AbC" are considered to be the same application.

The SSO application, being asked to redeem the ticket, will return a result string containing custom properties. In case of AS2 adapter, the following settings are expected to be returned by the application: HTTPUsername (mandatory), HTTPPassword (mandatory), CertificateValue (optional), SSLCertPassword (optional), SigningCertValue (optional), SigningCertPass (optional).

See also:     CertificateValue     HTTPPassword     HTTPUsername     PromoteSSOProperties     SigningCertPass     SigningCertValue     SSLCertPassword    

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