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Secure Delivery Pack for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)


A useful set of secure delivery extensions for SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008R2, and 2012 Reporting Services.
  1. Allows for Reporting Services to automatically FTP (even secure FTP using SecureBlackbox!) report files created. Supports SFTP and FTPS protocols.
  2. Allows for the zipping (with or without a password) of all files delivered, whether they are sent as email attachments, FTP, or to a fileshare.
  3. Allows for PGP encryption of files (via SecureBlackbox) for very good security and the ability to manage PGP keyrings within Reporting Services.
  4. Provides full control over the name of the file created, including the appending of datestamps and file extensions.
  5. Full integration with the Report Manager GUI and Sharepoint for subscription creation and editing.
  6. "Zero footprint install" involving no registry keys, hidden files, or reboots. Not even a restart of Reporting Services is required.
  7. Easy access to the powerful "DeviceInfo" settings for each subscription, so you can finally use Reporting Service's advanced settings to their full potential.
  8. Free subscription management reports!
  9. Full logging of all subscription delivery attempts -- take the guesswork out of using and troubleshooting subscriptions.
  10. Automatic optional email alerting upon success and/or failure of delivery attempts, so that you can troubleshoot issues with subscriptions before your users or customers ask where their reports are!


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