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Represent remote data as a local virtual disk in your Delphi and C++Builder software

What Callback File System offers

Callback File System lets you expose the data as files on the virtual disk (filesystem) right in your VCL application. Your code is written in user mode. You don't need to write your own file system driver to make a filesystem - we have done this for you. All you need to do is place a component to the form and implement the event handlers for about a dozen of events.

What Virtual File System is

Virtual File System is a filesystem that doesn't reside on a partition of a "physical" disk or a disk partition. VFS hides the location (and format) of the actual data storage from the system and the applications.
The actual data that make a filesystem can be located in files spread across the local disks or in application resources or in memory or somewhere at a remote location. Moreover, using a virtual filesystem you can modify the data being read from or written to the virtual filesystem and such modifications are completely transparent for the applications. At the same time, the operating system and the applications "see" the virtual disk as a local disk device.

Private Business License offer

If you are running a small privately-owned business on a tight budget, you can apply for a Private Business License for Callback File System.

Private Business License is suitable for companies, which are privately owned and have just a few software developers. This license allows use of our software product by one or two programmers for development, testing and deployment (according to the chosen license type). Private Business License is offered at a discounted price.


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