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Create a filesystem for your cloud or online document storage

Have a cloud storage or online document storage?

The problem: people are used to files and need to open them for editing locally with various applications.
The solution: create a virtual filesystem that will expose the remote data as local files and directories.

What Virtual File System is

Virtual File System is a filesystem that doesn't reside on a partition of a "physical" disk or a disk partition. VFS hides the location (and format) of the actual data storage from the system and the applications.
The actual data that make a filesystem can be located in in the remote database or in the cloud. At the same time, the operating system and the applications "see" the virtual disk as a local disk device.

What Callback File System offers

Callback File System lets you implement a virtual filesystem right in your Windows or .NET application. Your code is written in user mode. You don't need to write your own file system driver to make a filesystem - we have done this for you. All you need to do is place a component to the form and implement the event handlers for about a dozen of events.


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