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Can we have asynchronous versions of callbacks / events?

The OS sends a request to the filesystem and expects the filesystem to return the data. While it's possible to postpone the request, this is just a partial measure. So callbacks / events in CBFS are synchronous, i.e. your code must return the data upon request.

You can have a worker thread (or several threads) and send work requests to that thread, thus having a kind of asynchronous mechanism. Still your callback / event handler will be waiting for operation completion.

When you mount the filesystem, you specify certain timeout which prevents the OS from being blocked forever. If you have a lengthy request, you can call ResetTimeout() method from your callback / event handler in order to extend the time given to your handler for processing. Note, however, that the user-mode process that wanted to read or write the data is waiting and this can cause negative experience and confusion from the user.

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