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After the network mounting point with a share is created, Explorer can stop showing any SMB shares.


If a network mounting point is created and the specified server name is the same as the computer name (which is used by the system for SMB shares) then Windows Explorer sometimes stops showing SMB shares and only "shares" associated with CallbackFS network mounting points are visible.

It's a bug of Windows Explorer which incorrectly enumerates network redirectors and their shares. When there are several network redirectors registered and those redirectors provide shares with the same server name (for example "\\MyMachine") then Explorer can't show/enumerate all of these shares correctly.

Either use some "unique" server name, which is different from the SMB server name (for example instead of "V:;machine_name;share_name" use "V:;unique_server_name;share_name"), or use flags CBFS_SYMLINK_NETWORK_READ_NETWORK_ACCESS and/or CBFS_SYMLINK_NETWORK_WRITE_NETWORK_ACCESS. In the last case CallbackFS will create an SMB share which will be accessible via network.

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