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How can I make my disk support paths longer than 260 characters?

Callback File System lets you set the maximal length of the path and filename, but this is not exactly what you could be looking for.

The problem is not with CBFS but with Windows applications. Most Windows applications have MAX_PATH constant, hardcoded to be 260 characters (as it was defined in the OS and in Windows SDK). This value can not be changed. Consequently no matter what limit you set in CBFS, most applications won't be able to handle long filenames and paths.

What's the use of the setting then, you might ask. The thing is that Windows NT Kernel lets one open files with long paths using special semantics of the path. In other words, if the application explicitly supports long paths, it can make use of them by passing specially crafted filenames. And for this case Windows limits the length to 32K characters (which you can set to lower when your backend filesystem doesn't support such long filenames and paths).

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