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What does "Could not load file or assembly 'CBFSNet.dll' or one of its dependencies" mean?

All .NET assemblies for CBFS require Visual C++ Multithreaded Runtime DLLs. It's a good idea to include these DLLs into the distribution. The DLLs are located in <CBFS>\MSVC_REDIST folder.

If you place the assembly to the same folder where your application is located, these DLLs must be placed in this folder too. If you install the .NET assembly to the GAC, it's recommended that you also install the above DLLs to \Windows\System32 folder.

Note that there's a separate different set of runtime DLLs required for each version of .NET framework. Deployment instructions in the help file contain information, which version of MSVC Redist DLLs you need for particular version of CBFSNet.dll

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