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How do I get rid of Windows warning box when installing drivers?

The warning message is shown when the plug-n-play device driver (which is part of CBFS driver set) is installed. If you install drivers in non-PnP mode (this is controlled by the corresponding parameter of Install method) the warning message is not shown.

Note that if you don't install PnP driver, you won't be able to use stDiskPnP mode for the drive.  stDiskPnP mode is needed for several functions (possibility to "Eject" the disk, making disk visible in Microsoft Management Console, also some applications work only with local disks visible in PnP mode). Also PnP mode is the one in which "real" disks work and some software assumes that all disks are always plug-n-play. Such software can crash if it encounters non-PnP disk.

If you need the drivers in PnP mode, you might want to replace the name of the company, shown in the message. The drivers are digitally signed by EldoS Corporation and the name of the company is taken from the digital certificate in the signature. You can change the signature by rebuilding the driver package and signing it with your own certificate. This operation requires (both legally and technically) that you purchase the license for kernel-mode source code AND create your custom version of the drivers. This is doable and we provide instructions for this operation. Some of our client do build custom versions of the driver.

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