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How do I collect the log of file operations on the drive (for debugging)?

Sometimes various applications failed to perform their functions on CBFS virtual drive. In those cases it is important to see what operation requests these applications send to the drive. To collect the log of such requests please take the following steps:

1. Take Process Monitor from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645
2. Execute it and set there the filter to exclude system drives logging, i.e.:
"Path" - "begins with" - "C:" - exclude
3. In the program's toolbox there are buttons used to show/hide registry and network activity. Uncheck them to hide this activity.
4. Reproduce the problem you are trying to track.
5. Stop logging in ProcessMonitor.
6. Save the log to a file (in the process monitor native format) and send it to us with information what drive letter is assigned to CallbackFS virtual disk. Also please add any other infomration about the problem and system configuration which you can treat as relevant.

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