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How do I enable Windows Search on CBFS drive?

By Kurt Griffiths:

I discovered that indexing works when I set the filesystem name to FAT32 instead of NTFS. For future reference, I found this information about how Windows Search works:

"WDS 3.01 indexes all drives that specify themselves as either DRIVE_Fixed or DRIVE_REMOVABLE from the WIN32 API GetDriveType Function, except floppy drives. WDS can also index digital cameras, card readers, thumb drives, and firewire drives as long as they identify themselves as removable drives.

"Natively, WDS 3.01 indexes NTFS drives with notifications, which means that a notifications provider notifies WDS that data on the drive has changed so WDS can update its index. WDS also natively supports FAT drives, but without notifications. In this case, WDS periodically crawls the drive looking for changes in data.

"If you install the optional UNC protocol handler, WDS indexes UNC share, FAT32 drives and FAT drives with notifications."


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