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The cost of not having a license for CallbackFilter™

Do you think that CallbackFilter is expensive? Let us take a look from the different point of view: how much will you save by purchasing a license for CallbackFilter? In case of in-house development of product equivalent to CallbackFilter your company will spend at least 960 man-hours of highly skilled driver developer labor at current rates between 45 and 350 US dollars per hour.

The following development cycle will be essential to implement product mentioned:

  1. Study of details of kernel mode driver development in general and file system filter driver development for Windows;
  2. Development of technical requirements;
  3. Implementation of kernel mode driver code;
  4. Implementation of an interaction interface between kernel-mode driver and user-mode application;
  5. Driver and communication layer debugging;
  6. Testing on different environments working on all currently used versions of Windows;
  7. Writing of technical documentation;
  8. Maintenance of your code, including adaptation for future versions of Windows.

The listed tasks can not be efficiently paralleled between several developers, e.g. you can not use any brute-force outsourcing. It will require work of one highly skilled driver developer for about nine months.

CallbackFilter is a professionally coded and extensively tested kernel-mode driver approbated by many clients. Use CallbackFilter in your project and be absolutely confident in its long time reliability. The source code of CallbackFilter is available for licensing in case you need additional quality assurance or have to add more individual functions into kernel-mode driver.


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