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Create and manage virtual disk drives in your Windows applications

CallbackDisk is a software component for use in Windows software development that lets your application create virtual drives and disks, format them to FAT or NTFS or other file system, and mount as if they were physical devices.

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Latest version

Release:  3.1.106
17 October 2015

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CallbackDisk architecture

Hide and protect data from end-user

Your data can be stored locally or remotely on a virtual disk that can be either visible or hidden from end-user or application. Stored content can be copied to another location or entirely disposed of after your application termination.

Store data anywhere

A virtual disk may be stored anywhere: in memory, in application resources, on a local devices or at remote location. The end-application will perceive the virtual disk as regular formatted hard disk partition.

Keep your files encrypted

Secure you data stored on a virtual disk by applying industry-standard encryption algorithms such as AES. Architecture of CallbackDisk lets you implement any encyrption you need with minimal efforts.

Create virtual snapshots

You will have an ability to create virtual snapshots of any data and determine how to handle them in the future. Your snapshot may be saved, kept and rolled back to for future reference or disposed of entirely.

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