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BizCrypto™ secures your data in storage and in transit by offering components (adapters and pipelines for Microsoft BizTalk® Server, tasks and connections for Microsoft SQL Server® Integration Services), that help you securely store and transfer information in your business automation processes.

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Release:  14.0.290
19 March 2016

SFTP Transport

With SFTP Transport you can upload and download (send and receive) files to and from remote servers via SSH-secured connection using SFTP protocol. Also SFTP Transport lets you delete and rename files and directories on the remote servers.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a specialized protocol to transfer secure file transfer over SSH channel. This protocol is integral part of SSH 2 family of protocols and is supported by SSH servers. SFTP is not related to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) defined by RFC 959.


SFTP Transport is available as


SFTP Transport can be licensed as part of

  • BizCrypto Professional
  • BizCrypto Transports

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